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What is forging?

The manufacturing stages which involve processing of metal objects through a planned heating (hot forging)/cooling (cold forging) treatments along with intermediate compression procedures is called forging.

Forged parts vary in size ranging from a few pounds up to 300 tons, and can be called small, medium, and heavy forgings. Small parts include tools such as chisels and tools used in cutting and carving wood. Medium forgings include car axles, small crankshafts, connecting rods, levers, and hooks. Heavier forgings are shafts of power plant generators, ship crankshafts, turbines, and columns of presses and rolls for rolling mills.


Forging Process                                                                                                            


The basic types of alloy forgings are:

Open-die forgings, including the following variations: (1) standard, or regular shape; (2) contour, or special shape; and (3) mandrel-forged rings.

Closed-die forgings (blocker, conventional, precision, and cored)

Rolled rings


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