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We are China turning parts, precision turned parts, Precision Swiss turning parts, supplier, We can produce turning parts according to your requirements. We have been a recognized China turned parts supplier, CNC turned parts manufacturer in the machining parts industry field.
We are expert in the global supply of metal turned parts (or turning parts, machining parts). 80% if our turned parts (machining parts) are exported to Europe, USA etc. We support our customers in a wide variety of industries, largely in the automotive, cable terminations, cap assemblies, alternator terminals etc.

Turning process (Machining process)

  • Roughing, To quickly remove bulk of the waste material and give the coarse stepped feature seen.
  • Semi-roughing, Using a smaller cutter than roughing, still to remove the bulk of the waste material, but should left finishing machining allowance.
  • Semi-finishing, Using a relatively large ball nosed cutter, removing the steps generated in the two above procedures, to start to form the final profile of the work piece.
  • finishing, The final stage, in order to machining to the requirement sizes in the drawings. A small ball nosed cutter traversing across the products surface make the finished shape and sizes. And if the product¨s accuracy is high, there is still need to some work such as polishing and grinding etc.

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