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We are expert in the global supply of CNC precision parts (or CNC parts). The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication process offers flexible manufacturing runs without high capital expenditure dies and metal stamping presses. The computer controlled the turret¨s lead screws in the X and Y direction. Alternatively, the workpiece can move relative to the fixed turret and also can travel on the lead screws.

The tooling is located over the raw material, the punch is activated, and the turret is indexed to the next location of the workpiece. After the first stage of tooling is deployed, the second stage is rotated into place and the whole process is repeated. This entire process is repeated until all the tooling positions of the turret are deployed.

There are five elements to a CNC project.

  • Design - thinking and planning what you want to produce
  • CAD - translating it into the computer
  • CAM - converting it into machine language
  • Controlling - directing your machine's motion
  • Machining C making the part to specifications

The process is very flexible in being able to produce many different configurations of parts. But the quantity can not be very high. It can be economically made can be in the thousands depending on the complexity of the part.

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